Fun Ways to Style a Side Table
Exploring the most versatile piece there is!

We absolutely love a versatile piece. The more ways to be creative in styling the better! It's always so inspiring to see how our design and staging partners style all Urbia product, but there's something special about how a side table can move from room-to-room, function-to-function effortlessly. It's truly a designers' dream! Today we're going to go over some of our favorite ways to use side tables and stools!

Drink Table

Having drinks in the living space is wonderful until you need to place it down. Anchoring a sofa or sectional with a drink table on one side adds the perfect amount of extra drink space without guests having to lean over one another for the coffee table. Take this opportunity to coordinate your drink table with your coffee table by matching the material, wood or metal finish.

Shower Stool

There's never enough ledge space in the shower! A shower table can elevate a shower space while providing more surface area to place essentials, have a seat or pop a leg up to help balance. We highly recommend using the correct material as, you know, it gets quite steamy in there. Concrete and teak wood are the best options for a shower table. We have tons of Concrete Stools as well as our Stecca Stools which are both concrete and teak!


Sometimes traditional nightstands can be a bit drab. We love the idea of choosing two fun end tables or stools (depending on bed height) and making them your own! Choosing a piece with enough surface area to hold your bedside products is important as is stability. We would recommend a blocky silhouette rather than a leggy table.

Plant Pedestal

A fun way to enhance the perspective of the room is with height. Varying height creates visual interest and draws the eyes to more than one plane. We love the idea of using a side table as a plant or art pedestal. This can be free-floating or tucked to the side. 

Let's Style: Indoor Concrete Pieces

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